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Your Home’s Attic and Your Summer Comfort

- 11:33 am - April 7th, 2021

So springtime is here, and while we have a break before we have to deal with high temperatures that Hampton Roads homeowners are all too familiar with we’d like to talk to you all about your attic and how it relates to your summer comfort.

Your attic starts heating up when the sun beats down on the roof of your house! It can reach temperatures well into the triple digits inside an attic during a hot summer day, and this heat can spread into the home. That is, unless you take precautions!

Here are a couple of ideas we can help you with:

Attic Fan

An attic fan can cool the space down by up to fifty degrees by pushing the hot, still air out and draws cooler air in through vents in the attic. A cooler attic is also safer for families as well as any stored items.

AttiCat Attic Insulation

When properly insulated, the heat within the attic is more likely to stay up there instead of leaking down into the living spaces of a home. Not only does this improve temperature management, but it also can reduce energy usage for home cooling as much as 20%!

Putting E.T. Lawson to work for you is a great way to prepare your household for the summer days ahead. Call or contact us online to learn more about our electrical and weatherization services and how they can help you keep cool!

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