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Symptoms of a Bad Circuit Breaker

- 12:16 pm - September 8th, 2022

You rely on your home's electricity to power your comfort system, appliances and more on a daily basis. A bad circuit breaker can eventually lead to electrical shock and even electrical fires, creating costly repairs and leaving you without the power and comfort you need.

Having a high-quality electrical panel can ensure that your circuit breaker doesn’t run into power overloads, short circuits or frequent tripping, keeping you comfortable and safe all year-round. If your circuit breaker or electrical system is 25 to 30 years old or showing signs of any of the following, it's time for an upgrade.

Negative Signs

  • Burning smell coming from your electrical panel
  • Electrical system is hot to the touch
  • Lights constantly flickering or poor electrical performance
  • Circuit breaker won't stay in "reset" mode
  • Breaker trips constantly

How We Can Help

If your circuit breaker or electrical panel is experiencing any of these symptoms, don't blow a fuse, give us call! Our expert technicians can rewire your panel, repair your circuit breaker, or upgrade your electrical system altogether to ensure you have uninterrupted power no matter the time of year.

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