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Cool Down This Summer With an Attic Fan

- 1:52 pm - April 22nd, 2022

When the summer heats up, Hampton Roads homeowners will do their best to stay cool. That includes AC tune-ups and upgrades for the home. But there is an area of the home that might not be getting the attention it needs. We're talking about the attic!

Even with the latest cooling technology, the hot sun can make it difficult for the home to cool down. One way to help keep your home cooler is by having an attic fan installed by E.T. Lawson’s team!

Check out why you should consider installing an attic fan in your home…

Decreased Temperatures in Living Spaces

When temperatures outside are in the 80s, the temperature in your attic could be twice that! Running an attic fan during the hottest part of the day lowers attic temperatures as much as 50 degrees.

Reduced Cooling Costs

When your home is cooler, you can run your air conditioning system a little bit less. It also won’t work quite as hard as it had to when your attic was dumping excess heat into the home. This saves money on both utility and repair bills.

Improved Humidity Protection

Other than the heat, the humidity of summer is a major problem. This is especially true in the attic. Wooden studs and the roof are susceptible to damage from excessive moisture. An attic fan helps remove that moisture, preventing structural damage.

Don’t put up with the heat and humidity in your attic. Call or contact E.T. Lawson today to discuss how installing an attic fan in your home can help!

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