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That’s a Plumber’s Job!

- 9:30 am - October 13th, 2023

Some homeowners try and take the least expensive route when it comes to their plumbing; but end up spending more money on repairs! Delayed plumbing service can lead to a serious leak, clogged or busted pipes and a worsened condition of your system.


Schedule a Plumbing Service with E.T. Lawson If…


  • You Don’t Have Any Water- This is a clear sign that something is wrong with your system. Contact our 24/7 emergency service immediately.  


  • Your Water Isn’t Draining- This can indicate a serious blockage in your pipes. Avoid putting at home solutions in it and wait for one of our professionals to treat it.


  • Your Faucet is Constantly Dripping- A dripping faucet can waste lots of water and lead to increased water bills.


  • Your Toilet is Overflowing- If a plunger isn’t doing the job of unclogging your toilet, call the professionals to avoid any further damage. 


  • An Unusual Sewage Stench in Your Home- A build up of waste, dead skin cells and hair can cause an unpleasant stench throughout your home.


Plumbing issues should be taken seriously and you should call the professionals to handle it. A “do it yourself” plumbing job can lead to personal injury, worsened issue or unfinished repair.


E.T Lawson offers you a plumbing service agreement to help with the cost and maintenance of your plumbing system. Protect your home and your pipes when you call E.T Lawson at (757) 722-1928 for a plumbing repair. We’re always ready to help!

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