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Oil Supplier and Service Provider FAQs

Oil Supplier and Service Provider FAQs

Not all heating oil and service companies are the same.

clipboard.gifYou know that. And you know that, as the consumer, you are the final judge. You need to ask these questions about any oil supplier and service provider you are considering doing business with:


 Do they have liability insurance to protect you and your family?

E.T. Lawson has $7,000,000 of liability insurance in place. The performance of all of our service representatives is insured.

 Are all delivery meters inspected, calibrated and sealed by the State Department of Weights and Measures?

E.T. Lawson's meters are inspected and sealed annually. In addition, we install breaklock interfaces with the meters as additional insurance for your protection.

 Will they still be around when you need them?

E.T. Lawson has been providing customer service since 1919. During that time we have weathered depressions, wars, embargoes, allocations and the coldest winters. We stand by our record of service and our commitment to our customers.