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Virginia's Gas Heating Specialists

Gas heating has come a long way in the past few years -- with variable speed motors, condensing technology and intelligent controls. The result: efficiencies as high as 96 percent! In addition to being extremely energy-efficient, today's gas furnaces and boilers are cleaner, quieter and more compact.

E.T. Lawson installs and services the most technologically advanced gas heating systems in the industry. Our professionals are trained and retrained in the latest installation and repair techniques. We also offer the best service plans in the industry.

We are proud to feature heating systems by these fine brands:

Bosch Gas Heating Systems

Bosch gas heating boilers and furnaces provide high efficiency, quiet operations and ultimate comfort. The Bosch Group is a leader in the development of next-generation technologies that deliver improved performance and efficiency while conserving our natural resources. Energy efficiency and environmental protection are shaping Bosch consumer and building products.

  • We service all Bosch products we sell
  • 11-year parts warranty
  • 5-year labor warranty
  • ENERGY STAR® rated

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