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Heating Oil Payment Protection

E.T. Lawson Heating Oil Payment Protection


You purchase 80% of your Ultra Heating Oil during 25% of the year. This means that you must pay for most of your heating needs in a short period of time.

To eliminate this problem, our Payment Protection Plan spreads your estimated heating bill over 11 months. You pay no interest charge for this service. In fact, you receive a 5% discount for prompt payment. In the 12th month we settle up any remaining balances. In addition we pay interest at the rate of 5% on credit balances.

Payment Protection Plan Highlights:

  • Spread payments over 11 months
  • No interest charge
  • 5% prompt payment discount
  • 5% interest rate on credit balances

To learn more about the ultimate budget protection of our Payment Protection Plan, contact E.T Lawson today!