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FOAM-LOK™ Crawlspace Encapsulation

Home Insulation and Leak Sealing


Many Virginians have an opportunity to reduce energy costs year-round and eliminate uncomfortable drafts by fixing leaks in their home's outer shell and adding insulation. E. T. Lawson can help you reduce your energy bills by finding and sealing those pesky air leaks and adding energy-saving insulation with our FOAM-LOK™ spray foam insulation home sealing service. 

Sealing and insulating the "envelope" or "shell" of your home - its outer walls, ceiling, windows, doors and floors - is often the most cost effective way to improve energy efficiency and comfort. In fact, you can reduce your home energy bills by 40 percent by sealing leaks and insulating. During the hot months, home sealing and insulation prevents cooled, conditioned air from escaping the home, so your family stays cooler and your air conditioning system uses less energy. During the cooler months, home sealing and insulation keeps the cold outside, so your home says warmer and you reduce your heating costs. 


FOAM-LOK™ Can Save 40 Percent on Energy & Utility Costs

ETLawson-FoamLok-20201109.pngE.T. Lawson now offers customers the FOAM-LOK™ system of spray foam insulation and air leak sealing for the home. Insulation adds value to the home through energy savings, improved indoor air quality, safety, durability and comfort. FOAM-LOK™t spray foam insulation is designed to meet all of these demands. With the addition of FOAM-LOK™ Spray Foam, homeowners gain peace of mind that their home delivers maximum protection against energy loss and maximum comfort for their family. 

Spray foam insulation from E.T. Lawson and FOAM-LOK™ is the best choice for sealing your Virginia home. Spray foam insulation... 

  • Seals cracks and crevices
  • Insulates hard to reach areas
  • Provides a self-adhered seamless layer of insulation
  • Conforms to any architectural design


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