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Honeywell Generators:
Protect what matters most!


There have been, on average, more than 5,000 power outages a year in the U.S. since 2011. Every blackout puts your loved ones at risk!

Automatic Standby Honeywell Generators protect your home and family by gearing up to power your heating, cooling, refrigeration, and electrical systems in as little as two seconds. They feature:


  • Automatic start and transfer switch
  • Mobile Link™ remote monitoring
  • PrecisionPower™ Technology
  • WhisperCheck™ self-test mode
  • Sized to fit at 9kW, 11kW, 16kW, 20kW and 22kW
  • Premium 10-Year Limited Warranty includes parts & labor
  • 10 years of annual servicing at $159.95 per year if we install

All standby generators provide automatic backup power in a power outage, and are permanently installed either to a natural gas line or a liquid propane fuel source.


  • Price includes installation, concrete pad, automatic transfer switch, all electrical work, all gas piping
  • Includes Premium 10-year parts and labor warranty, battery charger and exerciser clock, and permits
  • 10 years of annual servicing at $159.95 per year if we install
  • Also includes up to 50 feet of electrical conduit from generator to indoor panel, and 70 feet of gas pipe work from gas meter or tank to generator
  • Gas meter or propane tank provided separately