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AttiCat Attic Insulation

AttiCat Attic Insulation


In our never-ending quest for cost-effective conservation solutions, we've found another really good one! 

E.T. Lawson has partnered with Owens Corning to deliver the innovative AttiCat insulation service, which can reduce your annual energy costs by hundreds of dollars - or more - in one easy visit. 

Many homes that are at least 10 years old lack adequate insulation in the attic, and the effect on home comfort expenses can be devastating. As much as 20 percent of the heating and cooling energy that you buy can be wasted because of excess heat transfer between the living space and a poorly insulated attic. 

atticat.jpgAttic insulation has traditionally been a painstaking and expensive job, but Owens Corning's AttiCat system makes it fast and easy. First we install protective pieces that protect the attic's venting and any recessed lighting that penetrates the attic floor, as well as attic tents over any access openings. Then we use a specially designed machine to blow in a layer of Pink Fiberglas™ insulation over the entire attic floor. 

When we're finished, your attic will have up to 13 inches of insulation with an R-Value of 38, which matches the ENERGY STAR® recommendation for achieving a 20 percent energy cost reduction in Virginia. You will have eliminated a significant source of energy waste and added a valuable layer of protection against energy price inflation. 

Owens Corning AttiCat Expanding Blown-In Pink Fiberglas™ works on the principle of trapped air pockets that resist the passage of heat flow. AttiCat creates a durable insulating barrier that will not settle over time or lose its insulating power. 

Saving energy (and money) is the primary reason for choosing AttiCat, but there are other benefits as well:

  • Your home will be more comfortable
  • Your heating and cooling equipment will not work so hard
  • You can claim a federal tax credit of up to $500
  • E.T. Lawson guarantees our workmanship for five years


If you'd like to insulate your home - and your budget - against the threat of rising energy costs, please contact us and ask about AttiCat.