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Gas System Service Agreements

Gas System Service Agreements


E.T. Lawson Gas Heating System Service Agreements for the Tidewater region lower homeowner costs for annual inspections and safety checks as well as no-charge and discounted system repairs and priority emergency service. We have plans for every homeowner, every budget and virtually every heating system.

 Gas Furnace Protection Plan H

Provides priority service; Annual 29 Point Furnace Inspection & Tune-Up; annual safety check; discount on service work. 

Priority Service: Contract customers will receive priority over non-contract customers. There also is no trip charge during normal working hours. Normal working hours are 7am to 7pm Monday thru Friday. For service after normal working hours there will be $99.95 trip fee.

Annual 29 Point Furnace Inspection & Tune-Up
You can save money and burn less gas by having your heating system maintained by our experienced service technicians. We follow the highest standards to ensure that your system will operate at its peak efficiency, safely and reliably. Each year we will:

  1. Check With Customer About Heating System.
  2. Check Operation From Thermostat.
  3. Check And Clean The Heat Exchanger, Flue Piping And Base Of Chimney.
  4. Reseal Collector Flue Box, Chimney Base, And Cleanout Ports
  5. Check And Replace The Nozzle, Oil Filter And Strainer If Necessary.
  6. Check And Clean The Nozzle Drawer Assembly, Burner Fan, And Blast Tube.
  7. Clear Oil Lines.
  8. Check Pump Operating Pressure, Pump Cut-Off, And Pump Vacuum.
  9. Check Safety Lockout Timing.
  10. Check OHMS Reading of Cad Cell.
  11. Check Transformer.
  12. If Hot Water, Check Aquastat Settings. Check High Limit By Adjusting It Until Unit Stops.
  13. If Hot Water, Check Boiler Pressure.
  14. If Hot Water, Check Expansion Tank.
  15. If Hot Water, Check To See That All Zones Deliver Heat On A Call From The Thermostat.
  16. If Hot Water, Check The Circulator, Circulator Couplings, Zone Valves And Bearing Brackets If Applicable.
  17. If Hot Water, Check For Water Leaks.
  18. If Steam, Check And Flush Low Water Cut-Off.
  19. If Steam, Check, Clean, And Replace Sight Glasses (If necessary) In Low Water Cut-Off.
  20. If Warm Air, Check And Lubricate Blower Motor And Bearings. Check And Clean Blower Wheel. Check Blower Belt.
  21. If Warm Air, Check Heat Exchanger For Cracks.
  22. If Warm Air, Replace Company Furnished Air Filters. If Non-Standard, Offer To Replace Customer Furnished Air Filters.
  23. Clean Surface Area Of Furnace.
  24. Remove Old Parts And Debris From Furnace Area. (Ask Customer First.)
  25. Install New Furnace Sticker If Necessary.
  26. Shock Treat Oil Tank If Sludge Is In Evidence. If the Oil Tank Is In The Basement Or Garage, Check The Oil Tank's General Condition And Check For Leaks
  27. Perform Instrumented Combustion Efficiency Test And Adjust Burner For Optimum Efficiency.
  28. Discuss With Customer Your Findings.
  29. Report Any Additional Work If Needed To Your Supervisor And Arrange, If Appropriate, With The Customer And The Service Coordinators A Time To Do The Work.

Annual Safety Check: 

The flame monitor will be checked annually.

Service Parts and Labor:

All heating service will be billed at 20 percent off our standard rates. All work is guaranteed for one year. Our standard day rates are the same as our after hour rates - there is no additional charge for overtime. 

All of this for ONE ANNUAL CHARGE – $109.95

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 Gas Air Conditioning Plan D

Provides priority service and air conditioning tune-up. Cooling service is discounted. 

Priority Service: Contract customers receive our top priority. Our normal work hours are 7 AM to 7 PM Monday thru Friday. For calls received after these hours there will be a $99.95 trip fee. 

Our 11 Point Air Conditioning Tune-Up Includes:

  • COMPRESSOR - Unit will be checked for condition and operation.
  • CONDENSER COIL - Fins will be cleaned as required.
  • REFRIGERANT CHARGE - Will be checked for proper pressure and temperature.
  • AIR FILTER - When accessible, customer provided filter will be replaced/cleaned.
  • SERVICE VALVES - All exposed refrigerant lines will be checked for condition and leaks.
  • LUBRICATION - Motors and bearings will be lubricated.
  • THERMOSTAT - Will be checked and calibrated as required, when accessible.
  • CONTROLS & SAFETIES - Will be inspected and tested.
  • CONDENSATE DRAIN - Will be checked to ensure it is open.
  • UNIT DISCONNECT - Will be inspected.
  • EVAPORATOR COIL - Fins will be cleaned as required, where accessible.

Service parts and labor:

All cooling service will be billed at 20 percent off our standard rates. All work is guaranteed for one year. Our standard day rates are the same as our after-hour rates - there is no additional charge for overtime. 

All of this for ONE ANNUAL CHARGE – $109.95

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