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Electrical Service Agreement

Electrical Service Agreement


Security and Savings!


One Payment - Two Years of Protection:
Residential Electrical Service Agreement: $109.95

Instead of taking chances with your electrical service, be certain that it operates safely. Guard the safety of your home and loved ones by enrolling in our Electrical Safety Agreement and get two years of protection for one low payment.

Skilled electricians will perform the following services at regular intervals:

  • Ensure wiring is up to code
  • Test, check and label circuit breakers and fuses
  • Check and tighten electrical connections
  • Load test main feed lines
  • Balance load (if needed)
  • Ensure proper power supply to major appliances
  • Check appliances for surge protection
  • Inspect receptacles
  • Test ground fault interrupt
  • Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

And there is NEVER a trip charge for service during normal business hours
- a savings of $49.95 for each trip!

Please contact us to inquire about how to sign up for our Electrical Safety Agreement.