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Very happy with service.

Rich B, Yorktown, VA

Very satisfied.

Gary C, Virginia Beach, VA

Keep up the good work!

E.M.W., Newport News, VA

Many years w/E.T. Lawson, staff is always professional and personable!

Marc and Laura B, Hampton, VA

Very well done. A/Cs are working great. Great job!

Matt V, Newport News, VA

Service was quick and efficient. Plumber did a very efficient job.

Jeri L, Virgina Beach, VA

Excellent service and service providers, including office workers.

Norman C, Hampton, VA

Great job! This was a follow-on task from the previous day’s tankless installation.

Jeff Z, Yorktown, VA

David is a very knowledgeable plumber. He really knows his job. He not only corrected my problem but explained why it was happening. Since this was a second visit to correct the same problem, I appreciate that E.T. Lawson did not charge me for the visit! Thanks!

Gary V, Williamsburg, VA

My highest compliments to your employees, especially Christina. She was very helpful and pleasant to talk with. The work was done very professionally and quickly. I appreciate you taking care of this job for me. Everyone I talked with was very nice, Thank you!

Sue T, Toano, VA

My service request was handled in a professional manner. The office personnel were outstanding.

Joe was a great person and professional. The service on my AC was excellent.

Bill W, Newport News, VA

Thank you for sending this jolly gentleman to work on our furnace on a snowy day last week. He arrived at our home with the best attitude ever -- and had us running as we should in no time. He had such a wonderful disposition that I dubbed him Santa Claus. Thank Chris Foster for us as he was very professional & jolly too! This gentleman is a keeper for sure -- thank you E.T. Lawson.


I would like to give a huge shout out to your team that installed our new Air Conditioning system late last week. We were hoping to get one more season out of the old one, but knew last year we were pushing our luck. That luck ran out a week ago...

From Howard coming by to explain on Monday sizing, price and payment options, to your two technicians that installed the new system on Thursday and Friday, your team was a pleasure to work with! Both Stan and Brian were very professional, took pride in their work (you can tell from the install), and answered all my questions. When they had to come inside to install a return in the ceiling they protected all furnishings and cleaned up afterwards as if they had never been there. The new units both around back and inside the garage look great! I went up in the attic and looked at their work that will rarely be seen by anybody but me, and it was just as neat and professionally done as if it would be seen by all.

Thank you for the great work!

Bob - Yorktown, VA

Just wanted to thank Scott, our service tech, who responded to my residence a few days ago. He was very courteous and professional. He provided excellent customer service to my wife and I. After learning that my gas furnace was not working properly, he quickly diagnosed the issue and got my furnace working again just ahead of some wintry weather. Also, wanted to extend that appreciation to the receptionist who took my call, you are truly at the forefront of E.T. Lawson, Inc. Exceptional customer service!!! Kudos to you as well. Thanks so much for your professionalism and outstanding customer service!!!!

Ray F - Newport News, VA

Once again E. T. Lawson has impressed us with expertise and service, at a fair price. When our heat pump had an intermittent issue, your technicians kept at it until the issue was correctly diagnosed and fixed the problem. The technicians were knowledgeable, prompt and polite. You were fair with your charges for services rendered. You gave superior customer service. It's no wonder we've relied on E. T. Lawson for more than two decades. Thanks.

Benjamin G - Williamsburg, VA

Very happy with the way E.T. Lawson takes care of my house. Both heating & plumbing.

Edna C - Chesapeake, VA

E.T. Lawson is a pleasure to do business with. They do what they say they will do. Very dependable and know what they are doing.

Edith P - Williamsburg, VA

I was very impressed with the professionalism of your new plumber Sean, and your new customer service representative Virginia.

Thanks for the great service!

Mary B - Hampton, VA

Dear 1st Sgt. Allen,

I have never sent in any of those cards about how the job was done but I feel I just had to write this letter. Please forgive my writing as I have Mac Degeneration and it is difficult to keep everything straight.

I am almost 89 yrs. old, have had many companies do work for me, but none as wonderful as Lawson. I am using your heating and air conditioning men, oil, electrician, plumbing and insulation — not sure, maybe I left something out — I had my house raised 4 ft. so it has been a lot of work.

In all my life I have never dealt with such wonderful people, workmanship this fantastic, service people who answer the phones, who send out the great men and treat me like I'm important to them. I am afraid to name names for fear of leaving out someone. But I do want to include Mrs. Allen, Mrs. Smith, Doug, Myrtle, Marie, Mary Beth, Monte, Chris, Howard, and of course you 1st Sgt. I know I have left out many good people but my memory is not good.

I want to end this by saying I love Lawson, all of you. Anything not right, you make it right with superb workmanship and caring. God bless all of you and your family.

Bill D.

I would like to provide a testimonial concerning E.T. Lawson products and services that allowed us to reduce our oil consumption considerably.

When we first purchased our home in 2010, our domestic hot water was produced by our furnace boiler and stored in an electric hot water heater. With 6 people in our family we use a fair amount of hot water, but the oil boiler/electric storage tank configuration met our needs and we never had problems with the hot water supply. During our first winter in the house, 2010-2011, we noticed that our furnace boiler was forced to fire almost continually during periods of high water demand, and if there was a simultaneous demand for heat on cold mornings when multiple showers were in use, the heating system could not keep up with the demand.

I also discovered that our boiler control was old and did not automatically adjust the boiler water temperature according to demand. I became the "dynamic" element of the boiler control, going down to the basement on warm days to set the boiler temperature lower, and going back down to raise the temperature when the weather turned colder.

Our house was built in 1920 and contains approximately 3000 sq ft of living space, but even so we were not prepared for the high levels of oil consumption we saw during that first winter. Even though the house is old, it has new windows and has been well-insulated over the years and we did not expect our furnace system to have to work so hard.

After a few months of high oil consumption, we decided to make some major changes. First we had Jeff Britt from E.T. Lawson's plumbing department come to our home to discuss how we might remove the burden of producing domestic hot water from the furnace boiler. We settled upon his recommendation to purchase a Rinnai tankless water heater. Installing the Rinnai water heater also allowed us to discontinue use of the electric hot water heater as a storage tank (creating some savings in electricity).

The next change we made was to the boiler control. We asked E.T. Lawson to install a Beckett AquaSmart boiler control to ensure our boiler operated at the most efficient level possible while still providing our desired comfort level during cold weather.

By making these two changes we reduced our annual oil consumption from 1194 gal to 596 gal, a drop of 50%. This is significant and only a small percentage of that drop can be attributed to the difference in winter temperatures when comparing 2010-11 and 2011-12. This represents a savings of approximately $2137 after factoring for the cost of natural gas to operate the Rinnai water heater. At that rate of savings the $2800 total cost to make both changes (after a $500 rebate for purchasing an energy-efficient tankless water heater) was covered by the money we saved after only 15 months. We appreciate that E.T. Lawson offers a full-spectrum of energy services, and we are very satisfied customers.

Eric P. - Norfolk, VA