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Plug Up Energy Leaks With E.T. Lawson

- 3:06 pm - January 10th, 2020

The comfort in your Hampton Roads home is an important investment, and you expect the highest level of warmth from your heating equipment. Many homeowners might be unaware that their hard-earned energy dollars are escaping their homes through cracks and caps in their walls, ceilings and ductwork. This results in higher energy bills!

Don’t let the heat you pay for slip away on account of energy leakage! Make sure the warmth generated by your heating equipment stays inside your home where it belongs, and reduce your energy bills with a home energy audit from E.T. Lawson.

A home energy audit will allow us to locate leaks and weak spots in your home’s insulation through a series of tests using advanced equipment. We then determine the best course of action to correct these weak spots. Here’s how it all works!

  1. We interview you about your home's comfort level and the problems you’ve experienced.

  2. We review your energy bills to find out how much energy you’re using.

  3. We inspect your home and test the heating and cooling equipment.

  4. We depressurize your home and determine the degree of the air leakage problem using a special door outfitted with a powerful fan. We will also locate leaks and record them while the home is depressurized.

  5. We produce a thermal scan of your home and ductwork with an infrared camera to reveal areas of weak insulation as well as hard-to-find air leaks.

  6. We evaluate the information and give you a detailed remediation plan.

With a home energy audit, you’ll see which factors are costing you the most in lost energy and which repairs will yield the greatest return on investment. So make sure the comfort you pay for stays inside your home! Contact us today to schedule your home energy audit.

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