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Keep Your Ultra Heating Oil Storage Tank Healthy

- 9:37 am - May 17th, 2019

E.T. Lawson customers know that it’s great having their own personal supply of Ultra Heating Oil on their property – safely stored in durable storage tanks. It’s important, however, for Hampton Roads, Virginia homeowners to keep an eye on the condition of their oil storage tank – especially if they have an aboveground tank that is easier to inspect than an underground tank.

Keep these things in mind when checking in on an oil storage tank:

  • Keep a full tank. A full tank prevents buildup of any sediments that can cause damage to the heating equipment or corrosion inside the tank

  • Keep all fill and vent caps tight. Tightly secured caps will prevent air from getting into the tank, and reduce the amount of rainfall that finds its way into the tank.

  • Keep the tank clean. The tank’s exterior should be cleaned thoroughly to keep dirt and dust from getting inside the tank. Additionally, the interior of the tank should be cleaned as well!

Although homeowners’ vigilance will go a long way, there’s no substitute for professional tank protection! At E.T. Lawson, we’ll take tank maintenance and protection into our own hands by providing our customers with:

  • FREE Cleaning

  • FREE Painting

  • FREE Repairs

  • FREE Replacement

  • FREE Pollution coverage

What kind of condition is your Ultra Heating Oil storage tank in? Don’t stress about it, just call the experts at E.T. Lawson or contact us directly online!

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