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Save on Energy Costs With Our Weatherization Services

- 9:06 am - March 11th, 2022

We can’t control the unpredictable nature of energy costs, but what we can do is help our customers reduce their own energy usage so that in times when energy costs spike they might not be impacted as much. How can we help?

With our weatherization services! These services are less costly than opting for new home heating and cooling equipment, but just as effective when it comes to lowering utility costs.

Here’s the low down:

Aeroseal Duct Sealing

Old, outdated ducts can separate, releasing conditioned air into the unlivable spaces inside a home’s walls and ceilings. This escaping air can run up the utility bills as the comfort equipment attempts to make up for it. Properly sealing the ducts can achieve anywhere from 20% to 50% energy savings!

AttiCat Attic Insulation

An uninsulated attic can reach very high temperatures during the summer and very low temperatures during the winter. These extreme temperatures can affect the comfort levels of everyone inside the home. Additionally, conditioned air can escape through the attic. Insulated attics can yield energy savings as high as 20%

FOAM-LOK Crawlspace Encapsulation (10%)

Similar to an uninsulated attic, crawlspaces give conditioned air another way to escape out of a home or outdoor air from getting in. You might feel warm spots during the summer as a result of the heat getting in. Crawlspace encapsulation can net as much as 10% energy savings.

Give yourself some breathing room when it comes to energy costs! Call us or contact us online to discuss our weatherization services and how you might benefit from them.

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