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Ultra Heating Oil – Made to Fuel Through the Coldest Winters

- 10:59 am - January 22nd, 2021

What makes our heating oil special? E.T. Lawson’s Ultra Heating Oil is blended with a special additive known as ILFC 1052 that allows it to perform better in the winter months than traditional heating oil that lacks any sort of additive.

As with many liquid fuels, low temperatures can cause waxing, gelling and icing that, in turn, can create problems with the flow of the fuel and the heating equipment’s ability to produce warmth within the home. That’s not a problem for E.T. Lawson customers!

Not only does our Ultra Heating Oil prevent waxing and gelling in cold weather, it also…

  • Significantly reduces sulfur buildup on heating equipment, keeping it clean and operating efficiently

  • Helps lower the frequency of service calls

  • Reduces the amount of greenhouse gases being emitted from the heating equipment as a result of burning the fuel

  • Decreases the risk of a mid-winter breakdown

What’s more, as with all of E.T. Lawson’s products and services, it’s guaranteed! Call or contact us online today to learn more about our Ultra Heating Oil, and sign up for automatic deliveries to maintain a full tank.

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