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Save Yourself a Service Call if the Heat Shuts Off with These Steps

- 9:17 am - January 12th, 2018

Virginia has already seen more than its fair share of snow and freezing temperatures this winter and there’s likely more in store, which can spell trouble for your heating system. If your heating system shuts off, you might be able to get it back up and running and save yourself a service call by following these steps:
  1. Check that the emergency burner switch is in the “on” position. The switch is usually located at the top of the basement stairs or the side of the furnace or boiler. (There may be two switches.)
  2. Turn the heat up at least 10 degrees above room temperature.
  3. Check for blown fuses and tripped circuit breakers.
  4. Check the oil tank gauge to see that there’s oil in the tank.
  5. If you have a boiler, check the water level and refill it if necessary. 
  6. If none of the above steps have worked, push the “Reset” button once and only once.
If your heat still won’t turn on, call the nearest E.T. Lawson location and we’ll send over an expert technician to fix the problem. If you have a service agreement, we’re here for you 24/7 to handle your emergency.
Peninsula: 757-722-1928
Williamsburg: 757-229-2877
Gloucester: 804-642-2161
Norfolk: 757-491-1928

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