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Why Do I Need a New Electrical Panel?

- 9:29 am - February 12th, 2020

The electrical panel in your Hampton Roads home is vital to your overall home comfort. It’s the hub from which power makes its way to every room – so it should be up to date! When your electrical panel is current, you can rest assured you’re safely powering the comfort systems you rely on year after year.

If you’re still unsure that you need to upgrade your panel, consider these factors!

Older homes may still utilize obsolete electrical panels that might not be able to support the amount of power needed for modern electrical appliances. If you’re hoping to introduce new appliances to an older home, a bigger panel will allow you to do so without a fuss!

Older breaker panels and fuse boxes can become outdated just as any other piece of equipment. As they degrade, they’ll trip more frequently or stop working all together which can lead to safety issues – including electrical fires!

Excessive use of extension cords and power strips indicate a lack of usable receptacles. With an upgraded panel, receptacles can be added to reduce the use of extension cords and power strips and make the home safer.

That all being said, what do you think about your current electrical panel? Is it old or outdated? Not big enough to fit all the circuits you need? Either way it all comes down to the comfort and safety of your family! Give us a call or contact us online to learn more about electrical panel upgrades.

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