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Save Money on Cooling with AC Preventive Maintenance

- 5:07 pm - May 2nd, 2018

You deserve peace of mind in knowing your central air conditioning system will meet the challenge of a Virginia summer and provide you refreshing, cool air on even the hottest of days. How can you get it? Preventive maintenance!

Our AC service agreements include the preventive maintenance your system needs to beat the heat. As part of routine preventive maintenance, one of our highly-skilled technicians will check the compressor, lubricate the motors, check the refrigerant for proper temperature and pressure, and more. This maintenance ensures your system is operating problem-free, and helps you save money through…

  • Better Efficiency – Preventive maintenance helps ensure your central AC system is running at peak efficiency, and the more efficient your system, the less you’ll pay in energy bills. Also keep in mind, the earlier you schedule preventive maintenance, the longer you’ll benefit from lower cooling costs.
  • Fewer Repairs – We will assess your system for signs of damage, and can identify and fix smaller problems that might otherwise lead to expensive repairs.
  • Longer Equipment Life – When you take good care of your cooling system, it’ll last longer. That means you won’t be looking for a replacement any time soon.

Be sure to enroll in an AC service agreement to protect your central AC system by contacting us today. When you do, ask us about our service agreements for heating oil, gas, water heating, plumbing, and electrical equipment. E.T. Lawson can protect your home comfort year-round.

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