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The Story of When the Storm Came

- 1:55 pm - March 30th, 2018

It was a hot and humid evening in Virginia. The clouds were dark and ominous … it wouldn’t be long before the storm kicked in. Sure enough, the rain began to pour, the thunder started to rumble, and the lightning began to light up brighter than fireworks on the 4th of July. Finally, there was a loud crack … it was the crescendo.

The whole block lost power, leaving homes pitch black and muggy. Yet, Jess’s house was perfectly lit and she was comfortable as could be. That’s because Jess was prepared for this to happen … she’d bought a standby generator from E.T. Lawson. She knew that the power could go out at any time, and that her generator would keep her safe when it did.

As soon as the power went out, Jess’s standby generator started up, enabling her to keep the lights on, stay connected with her friends and family, keep her food fresh, and track emergency storm updates. She could keep her AC running, and even marathon her favorite TV show while she waited out the storm.

Be like Jess … prepare for the next big storm with a standby generator from E.T. Lawson. Contact us today!

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