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Build the Bathroom of Your Dreams with E.T. Lawson

- 10:00 am - February 22nd, 2023

When it comes to your home comfort, E.T. Lawson does it all. In addition to our Ultra Heating Oil deliveries, electrical work, and handling all your heating and cooling needs, E.T. Lawson will also construct the custom bathroom you've always dreamed about!

E.T. Lawson is proud to be a certified BCI® Acrylic Bath Systems dealer, the largest independent manufacturer of acrylic bath and shower liners, replacement shower bases, shower doors, and so much more. Between the top-of-the-line BCI® custom-made products, and the expert plumbers at E.T. Lawson, you'll be using a bathroom fit for royalty.

Our Custom Acrylic Bath Services include:

  • An unbeaten color selection to personalize your bathroom.
  • Handicap accessible showers and walk-in bathtubs.
  • Non-slip, easy to clean, mold resistant surfaces.
  • The thickest acrylic material available for your bathroom updates.
  • A lifetime warranty! 

Ready to get started on your dream bathroom? Give us a call at 757-722-1928  for a FREE in-home consultation.

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