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Protect Your Summer Comfort with an AC Service Plan

- 9:00 am - August 17th, 2018

There’s something about knowing that things are going according to the plan. With the summer coming to an end, consider how well your air conditioning system held up against the hot and humid days, and how you can plan to make next year’s performance even better. One surefire way to improve your cooling system’s efficiency and extend its lifespan is with a Total Comfort AC Protection Plan from E.T. Lawson! Here’s what you get:

  • Priority Emergency Service
  • Annual Preventative Maintenance
  • Allowance Toward the Repair and/or Replacement of AC Parts
  • Discount on Service Work

With priority emergency service, contract customers receive our top priority – this means you get pushed to the front of the call list and won’t have to wait as long if you’re on this service plan.

Annual preventative maintenance is how our technicians keep your air conditioning system “feeling” young and healthy! Regular check-ups allow us to catch minor problems before they grow into bigger issues and cause an interruption in your summer comfort next year. A clean system also maintains the efficiency of your equipment so you use less energy to run it.

Under this plan, there’s a $75 allowance toward the repair and/or replacement of any part of your air conditioning system. In addition to the allowance, there’s a 20% discount on all work related to the repair of your equipment.

At E.T. Lawson, we like to consider ourselves planners – because we have a service agreement plan for almost any home comfort service you could want! Be a planner, sign up for our Total Comfort AC Protection Plan and picture just how comfortable you’ll be next summer. Contact us today to learn more about the plans available, or to enroll in one.

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