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Heating Oil Tips for the Cold

- 9:57 am - January 21st, 2019

With temperatures dropping significantly in Hampton Roads, and falling even lower still thanks to gusty cool winds, homes that use traditional heating oil may be running into a problem wherein their fuel begins to gel or wax. When fuel gels or waxes, it becomes more solidified and impedes its ability to flow through the heating system and can sometimes cause clogs or damage to the heating equipment.

We want you to remember: Our Ultra Heating Oil utilizes a special additive that allows it to operate in temperatures as low as -5 degrees! As an E.T. Lawson customer, you’re already doing your part in keeping your home heating oil flowing – protecting your comfort and your heating system during times of extreme cold! That said, however, there are some extra precautions homeowners can take to help even further:

  • Shield your tank from the elements – An outdoor tank is in direct contact with the freezing wind and low temperatures. Building a shed can help insulate it against the cold, protect it from falling ice, and can also help keep water from getting in the tank.

  • Bury your lines ­– Aboveground lines can freeze from the snow and frost, which leads to the aforementioned waxing. By burying them, you’re allowing the ground to naturally insulate the lines.

  • Insulate fuel lines – Wrapping or spraying your fuel lines with an insulated material helps protect it from getting too cold. If you’re considering going this route, call or contact us online and speak to one of our experts for tips on the best kind of insulation material to use.

  • Install wider fuel lines – While this won’t protect your heating oil from the cold weather, it’ll prevent wax buildup from blocking your heating oil’s flow to your igniter.

  • Routine maintenance – Having regular maintenance performed on your equipment after winter allows our technicians to ensure your tank is free of sludge and water to prevent clogging, rusting, and bacterial buildup. These check-ups are included in our comprehensive service agreements!

You’re already ahead of the game with E.T. Lawson’s Ultra Heating Oil! Putting a little bit of extra effort will only bring you more peace of mind when it comes to how well your heating system will operate during the bitter cold days of winter. If you have any questions or concerns about how well your system is holding up, don’t hesitate to contact us online or give us a call directly.

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