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Free Up Your Windows With Central Air Conditioning

- 12:36 pm - July 10th, 2020

Are the windows of your Hampton Roads home free and clear from obstruction, or are you relying on clunky, in-window air conditioning units to keep your cool this summer? If it’s the latter, then it’s time to make a change! Here’s why you should consider tossing those old ACs to the curb:

  • They tend to be noisy – the more you pay for window units, the less the noise. But, even more expensive window units, typically, are rather noisy, particularly, when going through their dehumidifying cycle.

  • They can lead to lack of security – since burglars can remove window ACs from the outside, they could enter your home through the open window.

  • They reduce natural light in your home – as you fill a window with an AC unit, you’ll lessen the natural light your home’s interior usually enjoys.

  • They are not attractive – manufacturers always choose efficiency over aesthetics for window units.

  • Speaking of efficiency, they aren’t the greenest way to cool your home as they use a lot of energy for little output

What should you use instead? Get the latest central air conditioning system from E.T. Lawson! With a newly installed system, you’ll enjoy…

  • Even cooling coverage throughout your home, instead of only where window AC units can reach

  • Lower utility bills as today’s central AC systems boast high efficiency ratings

  • Cleaner air that’s filtered by hefty air filters as opposed to window ACs’ small, ineffective filters

  • The view from freed up windows and a cleaner aesthetic for your home!

What’s more, you get E.T. Lawson’s guarantee that all work will be done correctly. In addition to the installation of new central air conditioning systems, we also maintain the equipment as well - so call and schedule your AC maintenance to improve your system’s efficiency and reliability, or to find your new central air conditioning system so you can finally free up those windows!

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