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Say Goodbye to Wasted Energy With Aeroseal Duct Sealing

- 2:52 pm - June 26th, 2023

One of the biggest culprits for wasted energy inside your home is leaky air ducts. As much as 30% of the air flowing through your home could be slipping through the cracks in your ductwork and driving up your energy bills. And this doesn't only affect old homes. New homes face leaks in their air ducts as well. The only way to make sure your ducts aren't filled with gaps and cracks is to call E.T. Lawson for an Aeroseal Duct Sealing service.


Aeroseal is unlike any other sealant that has come before it because it attacks leaking ductwork from the inside out. It is such an effective method that you will see immediate energy savings of up to 40 percent!


Additional Benefits for Aeroseal include:

  • Environmental: Your heating and cooling system will work more efficiently without having to fill in the empty gaps and cracks. This reduces the emissions associated with your energy generation.
  • Comfort: You will notice a more balanced temperature throughout your home after the Aeroseal service. That is because your system isn't overworking to compensate for lost energy.
  • Savings: All of the energy you lose due to leaky ductwork will force your equipment to work harder, which will raise your monthly energy bills. Put an end to wasted energy with the Aeroseal service from E.T. Lawson.


By choosing an Aeroseal Duct Sealing service, you can enjoy a healthier and more comfortable indoor environment while saving money on monthly energy costs. If you’d like to request an estimate for your duct sealing service, call us at 757-722-1928.

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