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Keep Water out of Your Oil Storage Tank

- 11:31 am - January 8th, 2019

Winter tends to be a wet season between the rain and the snow, and while water is good for the plants and the animals, it doesn’t sit well with oil storage tanks or your home heating system. Although oil tanks are designed to keep water out, the reality is that they’re not completely impervious to water, which can find its way inside a tank via rainwater or condensation.

What’s the potential damage of letting water sit in a storage tank?

  • Rust: a result of corrosion from water being left inside of the tank. Most steel oil tanks that rust do so from the inside out, and this can lead to tank releases and a decline in the heating system’s efficiency

  • Freezing: Although oil has a low freezing point allowing it to remain fluid in cold temperatures, water does not. Water in an oil storage tank, especially one located outdoors, that’s exposed to cold temperatures can freeze and cause blockages in the oil supply pipe, stopping the flow of oil

  • Bacteria: Sludge buildup is a form of bacterial growth, which is a result from water sitting in your tank. The bacteria can cause corrosion in your tank, fuel lines, burners and filters, leading to releases and other system breakdowns

How can you prevent water from getting in your oil tank?

  • Keep Your Tank Full: Leaving fuel levels low invites more condensation to occur inside the tank. Avoid this by scheduling you’re deliveries well before you run out of fuel, or enroll for automatic delivery – available from E.T. Lawson!

  • Have Your Tank Inspected: In addition to checking up on the tank yourself for signs of rusting, corrosion or leaking, you should have your tank thoroughly inspected at least one a year by an experienced E.T. Lawson technician

  • Clean Your Tank Regularly: Having your tank professionally cleaned out periodically helps you to eliminate water and bacteria from your tank. At E.T. Lawson, tank protection is just one of the many services we provide our customers.

Now’s the time to keep an eye on your tank, and do your best to keep water from getting in, or sitting for long periods of time. If you have some concerns about the health or condition of your oil storage tank, don’t hesitate to contact us online or to give us a call.

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