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Common Electrical Problems We Face in the Winter

- 3:40 pm - December 17th, 2021

Your home’s electrical system is vital to the functionality of your home comfort system, so it’s important that you understand the impact winter weather conditions can have on an electrical system. Here are some common electrical problems homeowners should prepare for to stay comfortable this winter!

Tripping a Breaker

The winter is a demanding time for electricity. With holiday decorations, heating systems, portable heaters and much more putting a significant strain on the home’s electrical system, breaker trips and flickering lights commonly occur. To avoid tripping breakers, try not to overload the circuits with too many heavy-duty appliances.

Power Outages

Snow, ice, rain and blizzards that the winter brings about can cause disastrous weather conditions, resulting in weather-related power outages due to heavy snow or even vehicle accidents. A standby generator as a back-up during the winter can help prevent any interruptions to your comfort.

Outdated Equipment

Outdated electrical appliances are often incompatible with modern homes’ electrical systems, potentially increasing the risk of electrical fires. Better to be safe than sorry! Replace any electrical heating appliances that are more than five years old.

Remember to play it safe this winter! Keep your home’s electrical system in top shape by having a professional E.T. Lawson electrician take a look and make any necessary repairs. Call or contact us online today to learn more.

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