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AC Maintenance to Prepare for the Warmer Weather

- 3:37 pm - March 25th, 2021

We wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we weren’t already thinking about your air conditioning system and how well it’s going to perform during the spring and summer. So, let’s talk about the cooling equipment inside your Hampton Roads home – and more specifically, the system maintenance it needs to stay in shape!

Why is air conditioning system maintenance important? Because…

  • Dust and dirt build up inside your vents, ducts and filters and can be re-circulated into your home along with the cooled air. This can result in allergy flare-ups and respiratory irritation – as well as reduced airflow which impacts comfort levels.

  • The outdoor condenser unit can become dirty if not properly covered and given enough clearance from foliage and fallen leaves. Debris can get inside your system and cause efficiency problems or a potential breakdown during periods of use.

  • The moving parts within your air conditioning system need to be properly lubricated, to allow them to move freely. If parts of your system become stuck, it could cause a motor to overheat and burn out leading to extensive and expensive repairs.

And here’s why you should schedule your annual air conditioning system tune-up!

  • It’ll give our expert technicians a chance to make small adjustments and repairs to the equipment in order to ensure it works properly

  • You’ll avoid any extra mid-season service calls and reduce the risk of a breakdown

  • We’ll help maintain the energy efficiency of the air conditioning equipment, helping you avoid spikes in utility costs when running your AC system

  • You’ll enjoy your cooling equipment for years and years, as regular maintenance helps improve the system’s longevity

In addition to helping your equipment run properly, regular maintenance will also improve the system’s efficiency which directly affects how much energy the equipment uses. The more you keep up with regular maintenance, the more efficient your system; the more efficient your system is, the less you spend on cooling costs!

Are you ready to join us and start thinking about your home cooling comfort? Give us a call or contact us to schedule your AC tune-up!

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