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The ‘Ultra’ in Ultra Heating Oil

- 9:00 am - August 24th, 2018

When you order E.T. Lawson’s Ultra Heating Oil to fuel your home heating system, you’re receiving a fuel that is derived from ultra-low sulfur diesel and produced to the highest environmental standards. That sounds impressive, but what exactly does it mean? We guarantee you’ll like the answer!

Fuel Efficiency

The use of Ultra Heating Oil increases your heating equipment’s efficiency. Our fuel burns cleanly, giving you a small increase in thermal output, and reducing sulfur buildup that can have long-term affects on your equipment.

Equipment Performance

When sulfur is released from heating oil, it can build up in the exhaust of your system. This leads to scaling, pitting and a reduction in efficiency. Ultra Heating Oil leaves less buildup, leaving your equipment cleaner and the quality of air in your home healthier.

Environmental Security

Sulfur reduction benefits the air quality all around us! Using Ultra Heating Oil lowers sulfur emissions in the air by more than 99% and particulate matter to near-zero levels. By reducing these harmful emissions, you’re helping to protect our planet!

Additional Protection

What’s more, Ultra Heating Oil contains a special additive called ILFC 1052 that goes further to help maintain your home heating equipment’s health, efficiency and operation lifespan … especially during the winter! Our Ultra Heating Oil can perform in temperatures as low as -5ºF, as opposed to other fuels that begin to solidify around 15ºF.

Automatic Delivery

As if there weren’t enough benefits to using Ultra Heating Oil, there’s also automatic delivery! Keep your tank full despite the weather conditions outside. We use advanced technology to determine when you’ll need a delivery and keep your home supply of Ultra Heating Oil full. You never have to check your supply, and we guarantee you will not run out of fuel!

Now that you have a better understanding of how our Ultra Heating Oil brings efficiency and dependability to a whole new level, make sure you’ve got a full tank before the cold weather sets in! To learn more about Ultra Heating Oil, or to sign up for automatic delivery, contact us online today!

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