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Weatherization and Duct Sealing Are the Keys to Your Comfort

- 3:57 pm - February 4th, 2022

Have you noticed your heating system not operating as well as it used to? Is your home a little cooler this winter? Are your heating costs a lot higher? There could be a hidden cause – leaky ducts!

It’s tough to inspect the ductwork of your home on your own since its tucked away inside the walls and ceilings, but there are symptoms of leaky ducts that you should look out for!

If you noticed any of these signs and symptoms, you may have leaky ducts:

  1. Certain rooms or areas of your home don’t stay as warm as others

  2. Drastic changes in heating costs that are unrelated to the fuel prices themselves

  3. An abnormally high accumulation of dust throughout the home, suggesting that dust is entering the ducts and being circulated with the conditioned air

  4. Your heating system is more than a decade old. Even a properly maintained system will run into issues over time. Old ductwork is no exception!

Do you think you have leaky ducts? Call E.T. Lawson! Even if you’re unsure, we can help you figure it out and utilize our Aeroseal duct sealing service to ensue your ducts are sealed up tight and help you save money on your heating costs while improving your comfort.

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