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Heating Oil Protection for Tidewater Virginia

- 8:37 am - February 25th, 2019

Did you avoid using your heating system this winter because you didn’t want to deal with hefty heating bills? Are you overcome with a sense of dread when the bill arrives? It doesn’t have to be a scary experience! Paying for your Ultra Heating Oil deliveries can be made a lot simpler with our Heating Oil Payment Protection!

Heating Oil Payment Protection helps you by…

  • Dividing your estimated heating bill over 11 months so they’re always the same, manageable, amount.

  • Offering a 5% prompt payment discount

  • Providing you a 5% interest rate on credit balances in the 12th month

Through the Heating Oil Payment Protection plan, we base your estimated fuel usage for the following year on the fuel used for the year prior. When the 11-month period is over, we’ll settle up any remaining balances. If you use fewer gallons than we predicted, we’ll credit your account – plus 5% interest!

Don’t let the stress of high heating costs prevent you from utilizing your home comfort equipment next heating season – learn more about this plan and how to enroll by calling or contacting us online today!

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