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Seal Your Home to Prevent Energy Waste

- 9:00 am - June 25th, 2024

Everyone is always on the lookout for ways to reduce home energy costs. Upgrading to energy-efficient equipment, performing annual maintenance, and practicing energy conservation are all great ways to decrease monthly energy spending, but an often-overlooked aspect of your home comfort is insulation levels and proper duct sealing.


At E.T. Lawson, we focus on every aspect of your home to help improve comfort and also save you money. Our comprehensive weatherization services and free home energy surveys can identify the weak energy areas of your home and create cost-effective solutions!


Duct Sealing Services

For central air and heating customers, leaky or cracked ductwork can lead to losing up to 20 or 30 percent of the air from your HVAC system. This will force your heating and cooling equipment to work harder and contribute to higher annual energy bills. Aeroseal duct sealing is the solution to your ductwork problem! This innovative and successful duct sealing technique blows sealant adhesive particles through your ductwork, sealing it from the inside. You can see immediate energy savings while improving the performance of your HVAC equipment by up to 40 percent!


Insulation Services

Improperly insulated homes or homes without any insulation are letting massive amounts of energy and money escape. We have not one, but two solutions for insulation problems. AttiCat Attic Insulation focuses on providing the proper insulation level to your attic, where energy can easily escape. Up to 13 inches of insulation are used, which matches the Energy Star® recommendation for achieving 20 percent energy savings in Virginia. We also offer FOAM-LOK™ spray foam insulation, which insulates hard-to-reach areas, provides a self-adhered seamless layer of insulation, and conforms to any architectural design.


The bottom line is, that your home’s insulation is vital to your energy savings plan! E.T. Lawson customers can schedule a FREE home energy survey or insulation service by filling out a contact form.

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