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Worry-Free Winter Fueling With Ultra Heating Oil

- 3:36 pm - December 3rd, 2021

Like water, heating oil begins to freeze when temperatures drop. Instead of turning into a solid, however, heating oil thickens into a wax – which is commonly referred to as gelling – at around 16°F.

This wax can make its way into the system and cause damage to the equipment or clog up the fuel lines preventing the fuel from reaching the equipment in the first place. Both of these scenarios are not ideal for Hampton Roads homeowners who rely on heating oil to keep their families safe and warm during the winter!

And that’s exactly why at E.T. Lawson we treat our Ultra Heating Oil with a special additive called ILFC 1052 that prevents gelling and permits our fuel to perform exceptionally well in temperatures as low as -5°F.

With Ultra Heating Oil in winter…

  • Fuel flows freely in freezing temperature, so you’ll always have the warmth you need when you need it most

  • Your equipment stays healthy by avoiding any particulate buildup caused by waxing

  • E.T. Lawson guarantees that if for some reason the fuel does gel, we will treat your tank and re-service your burner at no charge.

If you’re concerned about your heating oil holding up during the winter, turn to E.T. Lawson and Ultra Heating Oil. Contact us online or call to learn more about our premium fuel and to enroll in automatic delivery to ensure a steady supply of reliable fuel!

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