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Protect Your Home Against Hurricane Season with a Standby Generator

- 1:38 pm - June 14th, 2024

Another summer means another season of unpredictable weather! And this year, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has forecast an “above-normal” 2024 Atlantic hurricane season. Our coastal Virginia location already leaves us at increased risk during hurricane season, and with an above-normal forecast, we could be in for a rough storm season. Make sure you and your family are protected the next time the lights go out with a Honeywell generator from E.T. Lawson.


Honeywell Generators protect your home and family by powering your lights, refrigerator, heating and cooling equipment, and electrical systems in as little as two seconds. As soon as the power goes out, your generator turns on!


More benefits of a backup generator include:

  • Improved safety: Unlike portable generators, a whole-home Honeywell generator doesn’t emit fumes that can lead to a carbon monoxide buildup problem. Also, by keeping your lights on, the generator will help you avoid accidents that could lead to injury.

  • Keeping food from spoiling: Just because the power went out doesn’t mean your refrigerator has to stop working! Keep things like eggs, milk, and other perishable foods fresh with the power of a generator.

  • Uninterrupted comfort: No need to break out the candle sticks and board games. Your children can still play their favorite video games, and you can monitor the news on TV to stay up-to-date on the storm.

  • Peace of mind: The next time you see those dark storm clouds on the horizon closing in, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you and your family are prepared for the weather with your backup generator.

The experts are saying that this hurricane season could be a harsh one. Contact E.T. Lawson today so we help you prepare with a backup generator!

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