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E.T. Lawson Is Here for Your Comfort Protection!

- 11:25 am - November 15th, 2021

At E.T. Lawson we understand that having your own reliable supply of heating oil on your property can be a blessing! We also understand that your heating equipment needs to be able to keep up with your demand for comfort. That’s where we come in!


We take complete responsibility for the care and maintenance of your oil tank system. For our tank warranty customers, we provide the following services ABSOLUTELY FREE!


  • Interior Cleaning for when your tank accumulates sludge over the years
  • Exterior Painting helps to prevent rusting and corrosion
  • Damage Repair whenever your tank needs fixing
  • Tank Replacement if your tank ever needs an upgrade
  • Pollution Coverage in case your tank experiences an uncommon release


In addition to protecting your tank year after year, we’ll also help protect your oil-fired heating equipment with our comprehensive Heating System Service Agreements. With three different types of protection, we can assure you that we have the perfect plan for you! Our plans give you:


  • Priority Service, which provides free service for the replacement or repair of warranted parts. And, a 20% discount on non-warranted work.


  • Annual Preventive Maintenance, which helps you save money by boosting the efficiency of your equipment and the cleanliness of your system’s emissions


  • Ultimate Peace of Mind! You’ll never doubt your system’s health or reliability thanks to our expert technicians


Protect your comfort this heating season with E.T Lawson! Call or contact us online today to learn more about the many ways we can help.

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