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Keeping Tidewater Virginia Safe with 24/7 Emergency Service

- 11:26 am - September 19th, 2022

No matter the season, weather or time of day, Tidewater Virginia homeowners can have peace of mind knowing E.T. Lawson works around the clock to keep them comfortable and protected. Keeping our customers safe is our top priority, which is why we have employees on standby 24 hours a day to ensure you have the assistance you need in the event of an emergency. We do everything in our power to promptly respond and resolve all emergency calls.

Let's take a look at just some of the many services we offer to make sure you have the comfort you need all year long:


Your home's plumbing is an essential part of your everyday tasks and needs. If you ever experience flooding water or clogged drains, give the experts at E.T. Lawson a call. Clogged drains may start off as a minor issue, but can quickly cause leakage, corrosion, and even sewage backup in some cases, leading to expensive repairs.

Flooding can be caused by burst pipes or clogged drains, damaging your home's floor, furniture, walls and more. E.T. Lawson works quickly to solve these emergencies so you can limit damages and repair costs, as well as take the necessary actions to ensure incidents like that do not reoccur.


Charging your phone, keeping food fresh in the fridge, and having efficient lighting are just some of the many ways you use your home's electricity on a daily basis. Electrical emergencies such as power outages, burnt outlets and electric shocks can make using your home's electricity extremely dangerous and could even create potential fire hazards. E.T. Lawson's certified electricians come fully prepared with the tools and equipment needed to solve any issue regardless of the time or day.


Don't let heating system breakdowns stop you from getting the warmth you need. E.T. Lawson's heating service agreements make sure your furnace or boiler is running at peak operating efficiency whenever you need it. Not only do you get 24/7 emergency service, but our expert technicians will also provide inspections, testing, and annual tune-ups to find and fix issues in any gas, electric or oil-powered heating system.

If you experience an emergency and need immediate assistance, call the E.T. Lawson office closest to your area and we'll be there as soon as possible.

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