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You Can Protect Yourself from Running Out of Fuel with Automatic Delivery Protection

- 11:44 am - December 8th, 2017

There are two types of homeowners: those who check their fuel levels routinely, and those who don’t. The former may be protected against running out of heating oil, but there’s an awful lot of time spent doing something that isn’t necessary. The latter may have extra time on their hands, but their fuel could run out in the middle of a cold winter night. E.T. Lawson has a solution for both: Guaranteed Automatic Delivery Protection
It’s No Magic Trick
With the help of computers and a sophisticated weather monitoring system, we calculate your Ultra Heating Oil consumption. Our system lets us know when you’re ready for a delivery, so you’ll never have to check your fuel levels and you’ll be protected against running out of oil. You don’t even have to be home for the delivery to take place … we’ll leave a metered delivery slip to give you proof of the amount delivered. It’s no magic trick!
Our Guarantee
We guarantee that you won’t run out of Ultra Heating Oil. However, if for any reason you do, we’ll not only deliver your oil promptly, but also start your burner at no charge and give you a $25 gift certificate to dinner.
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