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Signs You Have a Bad Circuit Breaker

- 8:40 am - September 17th, 2021

Circuit breakers have a very important job: They’re responsible for keeping you and your family safe if an electrical appliance should malfunction or become electrically charged. That’s why it’s crucial for any Hampton Roads homeowner to know whether or not their circuit breakers are working properly.

What should you be looking for to determine if your breakers are going or have gone bad? Here are some examples:

  • Noticing blinking or flickering lights inside your home

  • Experiencing poor performance or interruptions with appliances

  • Regularly replacing light bulbs since they're quickly burning out

  • Smelling an electrical burning odor originating from your panel

  • Uncovering physical damage, like scorch marks or melted wiring

  • Struggling with frequent and frustrating circuit breaker trips

  • Having an outdated breaker incapable of providing sufficient power

  • Feeling heat coming from your breaker when experiencing issues

If you’re experiencing any of the above issues, don’t take a chance! Call or contact E.T. Lawson to have one of our expert electricians assess the status of your circuit breakers and panel so that we can ensure you and your family’s safety.

Also keep in mind that if your breakers are going bad, there’s a chance your panel might need upgrading as well. You can ask our electrician when they stop by! Schedule your electrical service call today.

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