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Keep Your Pipes Intact With These E.T. Lawson-Approved Tips

- 12:26 pm - February 9th, 2018

Molly returned home from vacation only to be greeted with a frightening scene: her basement had flooded, icicles had formed on her windows, and her furniture was damaged! That’s because, while she was gone, her heat went out and her pipes froze, causing them to burst.

Chances are, Molly’s nightmare won’t become your reality, but even a run-of-the-mill burst pipe can cost thousands of dollars, if not more, to clean up and fix. The good news is, E.T. Lawson can help you protect your pipes from freezing and bursting with these simple tips:

  • Keep your thermostat set to at least 55°F and don’t turn the heat off
  • Let your faucet drip slowly – it will keep water flowing and help prevent freezing
  • Check for unheated areas where pipes may be located, such as your attic, basement, or under cabinets in your bathroom or kitchen, and insulate pipes with pipe sleeves
  • If there are water supply lines in your garage, keep the garage door closed

Molly may not have been so lucky, but you can rest assured that if your pipes freeze, E.T. Lawson can fix the problem. Just call us and we’ll send over an experienced, licensed plumber. Take a look at our plumbing page for a complete list of services.

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