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Protect Your Furnace With a Plan from E.T. Lawson

- 10:53 am - November 2nd, 2018

When it comes to the gamut of weather conditions the heating season has to throw our way, your oil-fired furnace needs to remain efficient, reliable, and, more importantly, operational!

With a comprehensive protection plan from E.T. Lawson, you can rest assured that your oil-fired furnace will be up for the challenge of the heating season year after year. Here’s what you can count on when you sign up for an E.T. Lawson Furnace Protection Plan:

  • Annual Maintenance: This method of upkeep has our expert technicians inspect your furnace for any potential problems and fix them. Additionally, we’ll make any adjustments and test controls to ensure optimal comfort!
  • Free and Discounted Service: Parts covered by the protection plan you choose to enroll in will cost you nothing to repair or replace. For parts that aren’t covered, you’ll still receive a 20% discount on our standard flat rate. Either way, you save!
  • Priority Emergency Service: Despite all the effort, sometimes the severe winter weather can get the best of home heating equipment. If you find yourself without heat during even the most critical times, you’ll be placed ahead of callers that aren’t enrolled in a protection plan.

If you haven’t already, now is the time to sign up and start protecting your furnace for the coming winter. If you’d like to sign up, contact us online or give us a call – we’re looking forward to helping you stay warm this winter.

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