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Improve Your Home's Energy Efficiency and Start Saving

- 10:25 am - December 2nd, 2022

Fuel costs are more volatile than ever, and as a result, your heating costs may be higher than normal this winter. However, you can reduce your energy expenses through conservation. E.T. Lawson is an expert when it comes to energy efficiency and strives to ensure your comfort while keeping your heating costs as low as possible.

Free Home Energy Surveys

E.T. Lawson offers free home energy surveys for our customers. A conservation specialist will inspect your home and record observations regarding the heating and cooling equipment, the doors and windows, the insulation levels, and more. They will then provide you with solutions to reduce your energy consumption. E.T. Lawson has skilled professionals for every phase of the job, including high-efficiency heating and cooling installations, insulation, duct sealing, crawl space encapsulation, and more.

Weatherization can provide savings opportunities throughout your home. Insulation and air sealing of attics can yield savings of 20% on energy bills. Similarly, crawl space encapsulation can yield 10% savings, and duct sealing can achieve savings between 20 and 50%. These solutions are far more affordable than installing new heating equipment and can yield similar savings.

If you’re interested in weatherizing your home or a free home energy survey, contact E.T. Lawson today. Become an E.T. Lawson customer to discover the savings you can find in your home. We provide a variety of home comfort services to fit any of your home’s needs.

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