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Common Repair Calls During Winter

- 9:32 am - January 25th, 2021

There’s a long list of ways that E.T. Lawson has helped local Hampton Roads homeowners maintain their home heating comfort systems. Throughout our time we’ve noticed a few that stick out as common repairs during the winter - so let’s check them out!

Problems with the Motor

The motor pushes air throughout the ducts, so when it stops working homeowners will notice. This can be a result of normal wear and tear as well as the equipment’s age.

Dirty Filters

Clogged filters force the heating system to work harder and may damage the equipment’s controls as a result. Additionally, dirty filters can inhibit airflow causing uneven heating.

Pilot Control or Electric Ignition

If either one breaks down, your heating system will have a very hard time heating your home. Pilot lamps can go out as a result of a clogged filter, and an electric ignition can fail to ignite due to excessive humidity or thermocouple issues.

Constant Cycling

Possibly resulting from a mechanical issue or a clogged filter, constant cycling increases the wear and tear on the heating equipment as it keeps switching on and off. This can cause it to break down if not addressed.

Not Enough Heat

Another potential result of a clogged filter, which will prevent proper airflow to reach the rooms within the home.

There are no limits to how E.T. Lawson can help keep your home heating equipment running optimally all winter long! Call or contact us online today if you need any repairs for your heating system.

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