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Save a Little Extra for Your Holiday Shopping

- 4:27 pm - November 10th, 2017

Everyone can use a little extra money for their holiday shopping, and E.T. Lawson is here to help. We’re your not-so-secret Santa, delivering energy saving tips that’ll help you tackle your shopping list. Cutting energy costs doesn’t require drastic measures. Instead, there’s a lot of simple things you can do to reduce your energy consumption – and some of them are even free:
  • Schedule a Home Energy Audit – A home energy audit creates a scientific basis for conservation improvements. We’ll interview you about your comfort level and any indication of problems, evaluate your energy usage, perform a walkthrough, and use sophisticated equipment to conduct a blower door test, thermal scan, and a test of your ducts. At the end, you’ll get an in-depth report detailing our findings to help you decide which repairs are necessary, and which will yield the highest return on investment.
  • Schedule a Free Home Energy Survey – If you want to learn more about your energy usage without undertaking the full audit, we offer a free home energy survey in which we’ll record observations about your heating and cooling equipment, insulation levels, doors and windows, and more.
  • Weatherize Your Home – When you insulate and air seal your crawl space, attic and ductwork, you can achieve savings on your energy bill of up to 10, 20 and 50 percent, respectively.
  • Adjust the Blinds and Curtains – The sun provides free warmth, so take advantage of it. Open the blinds and curtains on your south-facing windows during daytime to let in the warm sunlight, and close them at nighttime to prevent it from escaping.
  • Decorate Wisely – Be sure to decorate for the holidays with LED lights, as they’re 75 percent more efficient than traditional incandescent lights.
As we enter November, holiday shopping will soon be in full swing. Help yourself check off everything on your list by following these energy saving tips, and be sure to contact E.T. Lawson to schedule a home energy audit.

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