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Show off Your Landscaping Skills With Outdoor Lighting

- 9:57 am - June 20th, 2019

Now that summer is here, many Virginia homeowners are tackling all of those landscaping projects that they’ve been putting off. With all the planting, trimming, hedging, and mowing going on, it’d be a shame to let the night time hide it from the neighbors!

Brighten up your landscaping with E.T. Lawson!

Our electrical department can help shed some light on all of your hard work this summer and beyond. Depending on the design of your landscaping, there are various techniques that homeowners can use with outdoor lights that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing!

Here are a few examples of those techniques, and what they can help you accomplish with your home, front yard and back yard.


One of the most common techniques when it comes to outdoor lighting. Highlighting is created by placing a spotlight at the base of an outdoor feature, either a tree or statue. Varying distances and angles add to your options!


By placing a spotlight behind the outdoor feature, aimed toward an adjacent wall, you can create what appears to be a dark outline of the object. This is great for showcasing plants and other dense features with fun shapes and design.


Spotlight fixtures placed closer to a building for a bold effect that plays off of the architectural design of the home.


Creating the effect of moonlight shining down through branches is done by installing a large fixture with a full glare guard high up inside a tree, angled downward. This provides a very natural lighting effect.

Your imagination and creativity are the limit when it comes to using outdoor lighting to accent your home and show off your landscaping. Best of all, our electricians can help bring your ideas to light! Contact E.T. Lawson online today to get started, or give us a call for more information.

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