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You Can Sell Your Home More Easily with E.T. Lawson

- 9:43 am - December 1st, 2017

At E.T. Lawson, we’re more than home comfort experts – we also understand how it can play a big role in a person’s decision whether or not to buy a house. We can help you sell yours more easily by bolstering your comfort systems, and, in the process increasing the value and attractiveness of your home.
We’ll Help You Increase the Value of Your Home
Ask yourself, have you done everything you can do to maximize the value and attractiveness of your house? Specifically, have you taken a closer look at your comfort systems? Comfort isn’t just a selling point … it’s the selling point for many prospective homebuyers, and the better your equipment, the better your chances of getting the price you want. E.T. Lawson can help increase the value of your home by:
  • Inspecting your heating and cooling systems
  • Inspecting your tank and measuring its capacity
  • Providing you with an equipment history that details the installation date and servicing
  • Upgrading your heating and cooling equipment to higher-efficiency models
  • Evaluating your energy usage and recommending cost-effective solutions
  • Upgrading your plumbing
  • Insulating/weatherizing your home
  • Remodeling your kitchen and bathrooms
  • Rewiring your appliances, upgrading your electric panel, and other electrical services
  • And more! 
We’ll Point You to Eastern Virginia’s Finest Realty Professionals
We’ll also help you in another major way: when selling an oilheated home, it’s important to have a realty professional who knows all there is to know about oilheated homes. That’s exactly who you’ll find in our listing of Preferred Real Estate Professionals. They understand that comfort is a vital component to closing the deal, and can field any questions potential buyers may have.
If You’re Moving Locally…
If you’re moving locally, remember that E.T. Lawson has a wide service area: we service Peninsula, Williamsburg, Gloucester and Norfolk! So, even though you’re moving, you don’t have to change home comfort providers.
Find out all the ways E.T. Lawson can make selling your home easier by contacting us today.

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