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Keep the Cold Air out and the Warm Air In

- 10:55 am - November 16th, 2018

You pay good money to heat the air inside your home, only to have it leak out of your house through unnoticeable gaps and cracks! An easy way to find leaks throughout your home is to be on the look out for drafty windows and doors. There are, however, other places where air leaks can occur, and there are easy ways for you to seal up your home to keep you and your family warm, and save money through energy conservation.

Here are some tips on sealing leaks around your home:

  • Insulate around recessed lights, which open into the attic providing a direct route for heated air to escape. It’s important to note that some recessed lights cannot be covered by insulation in the attic. If you’re unsure, call us for assistance!
  • Weatherstrip the attic access door with foam weatherstripping around the perimeter of the hatch opening.
  • Use low-expansion foam around plumbing pipes and vents that come through floors or walls to close up medium-size gaps.
  • Outdoor light fixtures and other electrical boxes can be sealed up with caulk around the edges where they come in contact with the outer wall of the home.
  • Most significant drafts occur around windows and doors. Weatherstripping can also be applied to windows and doors. Additionally, a door sweep can prevent air from escaping or entering through the gaps found under doors.

Taking these steps can help you save a significant amount of money when it comes to heating your home. But, if you want to take the savings even further, we offer a comprehensive selection of weatherization products to cover all of your basic home-sealing needs:

  • AttiCat for insulating your attic
  • Foam-LOK for sealing up crawlspaces
  • Aeroseal for the ductwork running through your home

The more prepared your home is for the coming cold weather, the more comfortable you’ll be! Call or contact us today to discuss your options for sealing up your home.

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