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Taking a Comfortably Close Look at Your Home's Energy Usage

- 9:46 am - April 19th, 2019

There’s no time like the present to take a look at how your home is using the energy that you spend your hard-earned money on! Just like an accountant helps you see where every penny ends up, E.T. Lawson can help you figure out where your energy is going – and how you can save money on energy costs!

Our Home Energy Audits give us the opportunity to sift through and evaluate your home’s past energy usage. Allowing us to pin point the wasteful areas, and offer advice on how to fix them!

Here’s what we’ll do during our Home Energy Audit:

  • Discuss with you, the homeowner, what areas you feel are lacking in comfort, or exhibiting any problems. This personal, one-on-one time gives us an idea of where your priorities lie.

  • Evaluate your energy use by gathering data from energy bills to get a good understanding of how much energy is actually being used.

  • Perform a blower door test where we depressurize the home and determine just how bad and how many air leaks are present. If air is easily escaping from your home through leaks, you’re paying for that lost energy!

  • Use an infrared camera to make images of the home that show us areas of inadequate insulation. Poor insulation can contribute to air leaks, but it can also result in cold or warm spots throughout the home.

  • Test your ductworks for leaks – another common area where conditioned air, and energy, is lost to the spaces in your home’s walls and attic.

After we perform the evaluation, we’ll present you with an in-depth report about the energy usage in your home. Including how much energy you’re paying for without getting to use! We’ll also offer up our advice on the most cost-effective way to remedy any problem areas.

Have you had an energy audit lately? If not, call or contact us online today to schedule one! You’ll have an idea of what you can do to make your home a great place to escape the summer heat!

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