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Leaking Ducts? We've Got You Covered!

- 10:18 am - February 21st, 2019

The ductwork of your home heating system is neatly tucked away out of sight, but that doesn’t make it any less important. After all, the ductwork is your furnace’s delivery system! It’s also important that your ductwork be leak free, to avoid any problems associated with leaking ducts.

What kind of problems, you ask?

Higher Energy Bills

Since the conditioned air moving through your ducts is escaping through any holes or gaps, your equipment will be working harder and longer to match your thermostat setting. This longer running time means higher energy bills.

More Frequent Repairs

There are two ways that leaking ducts cause an increase in the frequency of repairs. First, as mentioned above, the longer running time means more wear and tear. Second, various debris can get sucked into the system causing issues and sometimes contributing to breakdowns.

Poor Air Quality                

When you turn on your system, and your ducts have a leak, dust, dirt and other contaminants are sucked up and circulated into your home – this can lead to health issues, including allergy flare-ups and other respiratory irritations

Hot and Cold Spots

A hole in your ductwork can cause rooms in your home to feel cooler or warmer than they should. That’s because the conditioned air you’re waiting on is escaping into the walls of your home!

While these problems can be a real pain, the solution is quite simple! With Aeroseal, we can ensure that your ductwork is sealed up tight, saving you money on energy costs and improving your comfort. If you notice any of the issues above in your home, your ductwork might need some TLC from E.T. Lawson! Contact us online to learn more!

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