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Is There a Leak in Your Comfort?

- 8:53 am - August 5th, 2020

We’re not talking about your secrets getting out, but rather the conditioned air! Your hard-earned energy dollars go toward running your air conditioning system throughout the summer, but what if you were only getting half of that comfort? It could happen if the ductwork of your HVAC system has a leak.

Luckily for Hampton Roads homeowners, there are ways to determine if you’ve got a leak in your home! Keep an eye out for…

High Utility Bills

You probably know about how much it costs you to run your AC during the summer - so it’ll be easy to notice if your utility costs suddenly spike even though you haven’t been using your equipment any more than usual.

Uneven Temperatures

Leaks within the ductwork can prevent the air from reaching certain areas of the home. If you notice some rooms are cool while others aren’t, there’s a chance that the air is escaping before reaching the area!

Dust Accumulation

While air can escape through duct leaks, the dust within the walls, ceilings and your attic can get in! This will lead to your home accumulating more dust than usual, especially when your AC system turns on.

If you think you’ve got a leak in your comfort system, our weatherization services can help! With AeroSeal duct sealing you’ll save on energy costs, feel more comfortable and have a cleaner home. Contact us online today to schedule your evaluation!

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